Albert Wenger of Union Square Ventures Speaking at Monetery

Albert Wenger, Managing Partner, Union Square Ventures

Growing a startup is a lot like beating a video game: you master each level by using the skills gained along the journey — while constantly conquering new challenges.

Albert Wenger knows all about this “leveling up process” as a Managing Partner at Union Square Ventures With more than 260 investments since 2003, Union Square Ventures focuses on early stage, growth capital, late stage and startup financing.

Wenger joined Union Square Ventures after being president of through that company’s sale to Yahoo. He was a panelist at Monetery in 2018 and will be a speaker at Monetery in 2019, bringing a decade of entrepreneurial experience and insights from one of the largest venture capital firms in the country.

“Entrepreneurs that want to know what investors are looking for, listen to Albert,” says Stephanie Atkin, Dwolla’s VP of Marketing. “He’s such an asset and we are so lucky to have him back for Monetery again in 2019.”

Wenger was an early investor in Etsy and Tumblr and has previously founded or co-founded several companies including a management consulting firm and an early hosted data analytics company. He graduated from Harvard College and holds a Ph.D. in Information Technology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Wenger is part of a loaded Monetery speaker lineup that includes Harper Reed, former CTO of the Obama Presidential Campaign in 2012 and former senior director of the software development team at PayPal, Lindsay Knight, Director of Platform at Chicago Ventures and Andrew Yang, 2020 Democratic Candidate for President of the United States — among others.

With so many successful leaders from the tech industry in one place, a small investment today can lead to major returns in the future.

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