Cybersecurity Leader Sherri Davidoff Speaking at Monetery

Sherri Davidoff, CEO, LMG Security and BrightWise, Inc.

When you’re known as a “security badass” your work catches the attention of your peers.

That’s why so many cybersecurity experts have noticed Sherri Davidoff, the CEO of both LMG Security and BrightWise, Inc. With a cyberattack happening every 40 seconds in the United States — and half of those attacks coming from organized criminal groups — businesses look to Davidoff to ensure they’re well protected.

Davidoff is nationally recognized for her expertise in digital forensics and was one of the first female white-hat hackers to test companies for their cybersecurity and assist them in damage control so they wouldn’t be repeat victims. At Monetery, Davidoff will discuss building a high performance team in an emerging industry, while technology and other modern threats emerge.

“In a field that has been historically dominated by men, we’re so excited to have Sherri at Monetery for her unique perspective on cybersecurity,” says Stephanie Atkin, Dwolla’s VP of Marketing. “How she got into cybersecurity, her experience and advice for the younger generation — that is all so incredibly valuable. I can’t wait to hear from her.”

Based in Missoula, Montana, Davidoff is the co-author of “Network Forensics: Tracking Hackers Through Cyberspace” and has sixteen years experience as a cybersecurity professional, specializing in digital forensics, penetration testing and security awareness. She teaches cybersecurity classes at the Pacific Coast Banking School in Bellevue, Washington and is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Davidoff joins a list of speakers that includes Andrew Yang, 2020 Democratic Candidate for President of the United States, Lindsay Knight, Director of Platform at Chicago Ventures and Albert Wenger, Managing Partner at Union Square Ventures — among others.

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