Discussing the Real Measures of Startup Success

Martina Lauchengco 2019 Speaker

Diversity is about representation. Inclusion is about making sure different viewpoints, backgrounds and insights have an opportunity to be heard.

That’s the concept behind Seat @ the Table, a series of discussions about representation and inclusion, specifically empowering women to participate in business leadership, put on by Costanoa Ventures. Every Seat @ the Table event features a range of voices, from those climbing the corporate ladder to those who have already completed the climb including how men can help push for diversity and inclusion.

For the last two years, Seat @ the Table panels have been hosted in San Francisco, Calif. by Martina Lauchengco, Operating Partner at Costanoa Ventures. On May 21, Lauchengco is bringing her estimable skills as a panel leader to Des Moines for Monetery. Lauchengco will moderate a panel conversation discussing the real measures of startup success beyond the classic indicators of product-market fit or go-to-market fit. This discussion will focus on the less obvious but equally important indicators and will provide tips to ensure you’re building a high performing company from the beginning.

“Being able to bring this event and this conversation to Monetery is so valuable,” says Stephanie Atkin, Dwolla’s VP of Marketing. “Martina is such a wonderful resource for startups and really knows what it takes to build a successful company — and tech ecosystem.”

Lauchengco was a panelist at Monetery in 2018. She has more than 25 years of experience as a marketing and product executive, helping craft market strategies for products like Microsoft Office and Netscape Navigator. As an Operating Partner at Costanoa Ventures, she sits on multiple boards and coaches startups on all things go-to-market.

Lauchengco is one of several speakers at Monetery on a list that includes Harper Reed, former CTO of the Obama Presidential Campaign in 2012 and former senior director of the software development team at PayPal, Sherri Davidoff, CEO of LMG Security & BrightWise Inc. and Lindsay Knight, Director of Platform at Chicago Ventures.

Monetery is a rare opportunity to grow your business — and personal network.

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